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Our Mission


Helping small companies achieve their computer system goals. We are a diversified consulting organization dedicated to providing insight, direction and growth.

We are Consultants


We will participate with you in all aspects of your system to configure it 
to meet your short term goals as well as your long term vision.


We are Designers


Our abilities range from very fundamental one or two station systems 
to very complex networks.


We are Installers


We will install the systems that we design and propose. This insures 
continuity from beginning to end and includes network installation.


We are Hardware & Software Providers


What ever our designs or your requirements need for implementation, 
we can provide.


We are Web Page Designers


We will help you decide on the best web site design for your company.  
Whether a simple form-based site that you can update, or a custom 
designed site, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your site up 
and going quickly and cost-effectively.


We are Maintenance and Service Technicians


Our objective is to provide the system that is as perfectly matched to your needs as possible. It is however, much more than that. Once the system is in place we will maintain it, provide necessary service and even recommend appropriate and practical updates and upgrades.


Our Goal


Our goal at Computer Services & Networking, Inc. is simple. 
We will give you old-fashioned service through timely responses to your 
needs. To do this we will function as if we're part of your staff. We want 
to be your computer company.


Pamela J. Fenner

has been a business owner/ executive manager for more than 25 years. She has founded or

co-founded four companies: 
Patient's Help & Care, Inc.;

Fenner & Associates; 

Fenner & Associates 
Computer Technologies, Inc., and Computer Services & Networking, Inc.


Jeffrey J. Kafitz

has been an IT Administrator for 10 years and a systems technician for more than 18 years.  He is a co-founder of Computer Services & Networking, Inc.